Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chemical Brothers: We Are The Night [Album Review]

Its been a while since The Chemical Brothers have released a hit (Surrender being their last) which was jam-packed with the trippy electronic house we've all come to love. Finally, They decide to take on a new project, titled We Are The Night. It features the opening of "No Path to Follow", a rising bass-beat for about a minute, followed by the CD song "We Are The Night", an addictive track which has to be listened to over headphones. "All Rights Reserved" is a classic, with a similiar approach to Song to the Siren. Track 4 brings "Saturate", a brilliant and perfect attempt to create something new and fresh.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it smacks us with "Do It Again", which is a revolutionary song to the dance music world. Its about as addictive as chocolate (good thing, of course). "Das Spiegel", I have to say, is one of my favourites from the dynamic duo. Its a zapping, highly creative song that will stick to your head like super glue. (and includes a beat so fresh it dwarfs Timbaland). "The Salmon Dance", although is a great video, doesn't quite bring out what the Brothers are capable of. They tried to create something similiar to "Galvanize", but unfortunately, didn't stand out as much. The album began to down-spiral from here own, with "Burst Generator" having a strange ending theme that brings up "A Modern Midnight Conversation" (groovy 80's style, but not enough emphasis). "Battle Scars" is one of those crazy country-side musicals the Brothers love doing. Its not bad, but just not the same as "Let Forever Be". "Harpoons" is just a simple interlude, with angel-like sounds following up "The Pills Won't Help You Now" (a good track, but again, nothing new by them).

Concluding it, They've grown out of their usual habits and delivered something simple, yet creative.

Songs you must download:

"We Are The Night"
"Do It Again"
"Das Spiegel"
"Burst Generator"

Rating: 8.2 / 10

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